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IWD Planning Committee

The San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally is organized by a coalition of fierce mujeres with the support of community & social justice organizations.

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Fuerza Unida Feb/March 2013 Newsletter, see p5 for IWD article
February 2012, See page 12 for IWD article & info
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April 7th 2015 6:30 pm

We will be meeting to discuss/plan upcoming events to stay involved and relevant in the community.
We're making it a potluck so bring your favorite dish, dessert and/or munchies. (Keep in mind our vegan friends)

-Action for The World March of Women on April 24th
-Participation in the King William Parade with Zombie Bazaar Belly Dance on April 25th
-IWD Women's Health Fair (tentative date May 2nd)
-Possible upcoming fundraisers: Vegan Fest, Fegan Vest.

6:30pm at 710 S Gevers St



IWD Press Coverage

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Press Release: Mujeres Marcharán

Patricia Castillo -210.632.1996 / 210.533.2729; patpeacesa@gmail.com
Jessica O. Guerrero -210.262.0654; aspanglisholive@gmail.com
On Saturday, March 9, 2013, the 23rd Annual San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally (SAIWD) will begin at 10am at Dignowity Park in San Antonio’s Eastside.  For decades, women and allies of San Antonio, surrounding areas and from as far as Austin, Corpus Christi, and Houston, have marched throughout our city chanting, singing, drumming and holding colorful signs and banners.  We march for what we believe in and for what we hold most dear.  Our collective commitment to our communities, to our families and to this world plays a crucial role in our city.  We value the importance of taking to the streets and gathering in the parks built by our ancestors. 
The SA International Woman’s Day March & Rally invites the whole community; our mothers and grandmothers; our sisters in the struggle, our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, tias, our neighborhoods’ business owners, our government leaders, educators, professionals, service providers and workers, to join us in a historic event marking various Points of Oppression, citing numerous injustices endured by women and many in our community.

A Rally will follow the march at the Plaza del Zacate (milam park) where we’ll hear from community leaders, performers and artists, enjoy children’s activities, plus learn about various women led organizations that do essential work.  San Antonio’s annual march honors the women that work locally and affect our communities globally. 

Our city has become a model for an overbearing tourism industry, for ill-fitting growth and development, and for stunting the improvement of our public school system.  The women of San Antonio are leading our city in a transformation that will make us the model for innovation and progressive change for workers, for our environment and for our children and elders.  Join us on Saturday, March 9, 2013 and follow us on Facebook & Twitter and in person at weekly meetings throughout the year!   
WHO:  SA International Woman’s Day Planning Group
WHAT:  SA International Woman’s Day March & Rally   
WHEN:  Saturday, March 9, 2013; 10am
WHERE:  Dignowity Park to Plaza del Zacate (milam park)
WHY:  We are the power of light and strength in the struggle… Somos poder de luz, fuerza y lucha!

S.A. Express News Women's Day Article

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SA IWD articles in El Placazo!!

Download this issue at www.sananto.orgVisit www.sananto.org/el-placazo
to download the latest issue of
San Anto Cultural Arts'
El Placazo Community Newspaper

Full of IWD awesomeness!!

Marcha del Día Internacional de la Mujer: ¡Somos poder de luz, fuerza y lucha! We are power of light and strength in the struggle! 
por Veronica Anne Salinas

Fashionable Phoenix by Dolores Valles

Plus cover by Suzy Gonzalez (whose artwork has been used in 2012/2013 IWD) and a Westside Dog Initiative article by Rosalynn Warren, who'll be performing at the 2013 IWD Rally.



Día Internacional de la Mujer

un extracto del boletín de Fuerza Unida, página 5.El Comité de Planificación para la Marcha del Día Internacional de la Mujer en San Antonio se reunió cada semana del año 2012 y continua su esfuerzo en este año, 2013! El sábado, 9 de marzo, a las 10am se reunirán mujeres con toda nuestra comunidad en el Parque Dignowity en el este de nuestra ciudad. De ese sitio, marcharán hasta llegar a la Plaza del Zacate (Milam Park) donde se ofrecerá un programa que incluirá oradoras, actuaciones musicales, arte en vivo, actividades para los niños, información de organizaciones comunitarias, más comida para comprar y disfrutar durante la presentación!

Cada año, el Día Internacional de la Mujer se celebra en grande en varias partes del mundo, el 8 de marzo. En San Antonio, Tejas, por 22 años se ha celebrado este día con una marcha por las calles de nuestras vecindades en el este, el oeste, en el sur y en el centro de la ciudad. Por décadas, Fuerza Unida ha participado en los planes mara la marcha, anualmente programada para el día sábado más cerca a la fecha, 8 de marzo. Otras organizaciones que también han participado en mantener la tradición de la marcha y aún mantienen un activo apoyo de estos esfuerzos, más grupos que en años recientes se han unido al esfuerzo incluyen, P.EA.C.E. Initiative, Martinez Street Women’s Center, Domesticas en Acción, UNITE HERE!, Southwest Workers Union, Domésticas Unidas y más. En años recientes, se ha extendido el alcance del grupo y de nuestro mensaje con la creciente participación de individuos de la comunidad que llevan la lucha por la justicia a diario en sus vidas cotidianas y por vocación. Los temas que tratamos abarcan los siguientes y más...el seguro médico, alojamiento, la educación, el medio ambiente, sueldos justos y el impacto de las injusticias y la violencia sobre mujeres, gente no blanca, jóvenes, gente mayor, inmigrantes, gente indígena, gente queer, y gente pobre y trabajadora. ¡Únase a un esfuerzo comunitario que va evolucionando y desplegándose más con cada año que pasa!

La Lucha Sigue! También asista a eventos antes y después de la marcha

un extracto del boletín de Fuerza Unida.  Haga click aqui
www.lafuerzaunida.org | Facebook


The San Antonio International Woman’s Day March Planning Group has met weekly throughout the year, 2012 and continues their efforts this year, 2013! On Saturday, March 9, at 10:00 am mujeres along with all of our community will meet at Dignowity Park in the Eastside of our city. From here, they will march to the Plaza del Zacate (Milam Park) where a rally including speakers, musical performances, live art, children’s activities, info on community organizations, plus food for sale to enjoy during the program!

Each year, International Woman’s Day is hugely celebrated in various parts of the world, on March 8th. In San Antonio, Texas, for 22 years, this day is celebrated with a march through the streets of our neighborhoods in the East, West and South sides and through Downtown. For decades, Fuerza Unida has participated in the planning of this march, annually scheduled for the closest Saturday to March 8th. Organizations that have also maintained the tradition of this march and continue to actively support these efforts, plus groups that, in recent years, have joined the work include, P.E.A.C.E Initiative, Martinez Street Women’s Center, Domésticas en Acción, UNITE HERE!, Southwest Workers Union, Domésticas Unidas and more. In recent years, the group’s reach and our message have extended with the growing participation of individuals from the community that lives the struggle for justice every day in their daily being and by vocation. The topics that we address include the following, plus more... healthcare, housing, education, environmental justice, just wages and the impact of injustice and violence on women, people of color, youth, elders, immigrants, indigenous people, queer people and the poor and working class. Join a community effort that is evolving and unfolding more with each passing year!
The Struggle Continues!! Also join us for events before and after the march

an excerpt from p5 of the Feb/March 2013 Fuerza Unida Newsletter
Click here to download a pdf |  For more info on Fuerza Unida, check www.lafuerzaunida.org | Facebook 
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