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Saturday, Feb 15th, 2014
1:30pm @ Señor Veggie (620 S. Presa)

Monday, Feb 17th, 2014
6:30pm @ P.E.A.C.E. Initiative (1443 S. St. Mary's)

Phone: 210.262.0654 or 210.533.2729

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IWD Planning Committee

The San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally is organized by a coalition of fierce mujeres with the support of community & social justice organizations.

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PRESS RELEASE: 22 Years of San Antonio’s Woman’s Day March!

2012 San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally


Jessica O. Guerrero: 210.262.0654;
Patricia Castillo:  210.533.2729;
Agatha Calica: 210.326.9809;

22 Years of San Antonio’s Woman’s Day March!
Second by Suzy GonzalezThe 22nd Annual San Antonio International Woman’s Day March (SA IWD) will be held this Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 10am in downtown San Antonio.  All are invited to take to the streets and march from the Grand Hyatt (at Market & Bowie St.) to the Plaza del Zacate (milam Park). 
This year, the planning group took a look back at what we’ve learned over the last 22 years and to reflect on what we envision for our community’s future.  Our recommitment to the struggle for social justice includes renewed efforts to connect with our community’s youth and to work together to learn from and teach each other.  We acknowledge that women are at the forefront of social justice movements in San Antonio and throughout the world.  We reclaim our roles in working towards una vida digna/a life with dignity for all people in our communities.  The image shown above, called Second, created by Suzy Gonzalez, was selected by the SA IWD planning group to represent our enduring vision and this year’s theme: 

Women Leading the Rebirth; ¡Mujeres al frente del Renacimiento!
A rally will be held as marchers enter the Plaza del Zacate.  Many consider the plaza sacred ground for honoring our community’s legacy of women organizers from Emma Teneyuca, to the young girls of Martinez St. Women’s Center, who will march with a mobile mural they have created.  Patricia Castillo of P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, a long time activist against violence against women, will co-MC the rally with 19 year-old film maker and artista, Jessica Torres.  The Domestic Workers Union will speak on the invisibility of domestic workers and how their unfair treatment is further burdened with additional work as unpaid home health care providers.  The planning group, made up of individual mujeres and supporting organizations, aims to keep children engaged in the Rally too!  Child-centered and intergenerational activities will be available for all to participate in.  A special musical collaboration between the great accordionista, Eva Ybarra and Suzy Bravo (The Soul Revue) will keep everyone in the Plaza… and dancing!   For info call, (210)326-9809, (210) 262.0654 or visit  (click to read IWD Vision Statement & 2012 Image Statement)
WHO: 22nd San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally Planning Group
WHAT: 22nd San Antonio International Woman’s Day March & Rally
WHEN: Saturday, March 3, 2012; 10am
WHERE: corner of Market & Bowie St., next to Grand Hyatt hotel

Comunicado de prensa: 22 Años de la Marcha de la Mujer en San Antonio

Marcha del Día Internacional de la Mujer, 2012 en San Antonio

Jessica O. Guerrero: (210) 262.0654;
Patricia Castillo: (210)533.2729;
Agatha Calica: (210)326-9809;

Second por Suzy Gonzalez22 Años de la Marcha de la Mujer en San Antonio
La 22a Marcha Anual del Día Internacional de la Mujer en San Antonio, (SA IWD) se llevará acabo este sábado 3 de marzo, 2012 a las 10am en el centro de San Antonio.  Todos estan invitados a retomar las calles y marchar desde el hotel Grand Hyatt (esquina de Market y Bowie St.) hasta la Plaza del Zacate (milam Park).
Este año, el grupo de coordinación reflexionó sobre todo lo que hemos aprendido en estos 22 años y sobre que visualisamos para el future de nuestras comunidades.  Nuestro renovado compromiso a la lucha por la justicia social incluye esfuerzos para conectarnos con la juventud de nuestra comunidad y trabajar juntos, aprendiendo de y enseñandonos unos a otros.  Reconocemos que las mujeres estan al frente de luchas por la justicia social en San Antonio, y por todo el mundo.  Retomamos nuestro rol en luchar por una vida digna para toda la gente de nuestra comunidad.  La imagen mostrada aqui, llamada Second (Segunda), creada por Suzy Gonzalez, fue seleccionada por el grupo de coordinación de SA IWD para representar nuestra visión y el tema de enfoque de este año:  Women Leading the Rebirth; ¡Mujeres al frente del Renacimiento!
Una manifestación se llevará acabo cuando llegue la marcha a la Plaza del Zacate.  Muchas consideran esta plaza tierra sagrada que tributa el legado de nuestra comunidad de mujeres lideres como Emma Teneyuca y las niñas de Martinez St. Women’s Center, quienes presentarán un mural que crearon para la marcha.  Patricia Castillo de P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, activista contra la violencia contra la mujer, será co-MC con la joven Jessica Torres, artista local.  La Unión de Trabajadoras Domésticas hablarán sobre la invisibilidad de trabadoras domésticas y como su maltrato pesa hasta mas cuando les exigen que también cuiden familiares de sus empleados sin pagarles por el trabajo adicional.  El grupo de coordinación, que incluye a mujeres individuales, mas organizaciones de apoyo, quiere que la juventud participe también.  Actividades para niños y actividades para todas edades formarán parte del evento.  Una presentación musical muy especial cerrará el rally.  La Reina de la Accordión, Eva Ybarra presentará una colaboración con la gran vocalista, Susy Bravo (The Soul Revue)!  Para mas info, llame (210)326-9809, (210) 262.0654 o visite
QUIEN: Grupo de coordinación para 22a  Marcha del Día Internacional de la Mujer 
QUE: 22a  Marcha del Día Internacional de la Mujer
CUANDO: sábado, 3 de marzo, 2012; 10am
DONDE: esquina de las calles Market y Bowie, enseguida del hotel Grand Hyatt

IWD March & Rally, Route & Parking Info

Hola,Tod@S!  Check the Route/Rally section for updates on

2012 Rally Speaker & Performers
2012 Route & Parking Info 

check our Facebook: Mujeres Marcharan for pics, info & updates



Congratulations to Mary Agnes Rodriguez, 2012 Women's Advocate of the Year!!

Congratulations to Mary Agnes Rodriguez, the UTSA Women's Studies Institute 2012 Women's Advocate of the Year!!! (click for more info) --- check out some of Mary Agnes' past International Woman's Day Images below in the Past Invites Archive!!


IWD Clothesline Project

Hyatt workers and their allies all around the country will be speaking out this year around International Women’s Day.
In the spirit of The Clothesline Project, Hyatt women are displaying their stories of Hyatt’s abuses on tee shirts and other articles of clothing to be strung on a clothesline publicly.

This Thursday, March 1, at 5 pm, Unite Here! San Antonio will be having an event to decorate tee shirts, share and hear stories, and teleconference with the Reyes Sisters – disrespected and fired by the Hyatt Santa Clara. We will display and march with the clothesline on Saturday, March 3. We would love for you to join us!
Facebook: Unite Here! San Antonio 

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